Nick Walker

Founder & CEO

Julien Lundgren

Creative Director

Eva Korte

Office Administrator

Luke Peinado

Logistics Director

Our Philosophy

Due to the fact that T3 was founded and created by teens it is imperative to acknowledge our weakness and strengths. While there are many strengths we provide there are weaknesses because of our age such as: graduating college, experiencing more, and having a profession. That is why we thought it was best for mentors/advisors to guide us when we need help, and teach us how to be an expert in our job.  

More People

More Impact

We are currently looking for advisors in key positions within our board. This entails mentoring your advisee, being able to respond to any questions they might have in a timely manner, and being over 25 with a degree in the field you will be advising in.

Want to get involved?

We are currently looking for multiple professional advisory positions including. but not limited to: Project Managers, CCO’s, CMO’s, and more to mentor and advise our team. We are eager to receive your application!