Where it all began

How It Started

Teens Thriving Together, often referred to as T3 for short, was founded by Nick Walker in early 2020. A young entrepreneur with an interest in helping other teens achieve their full-potential, Nick believes in thriving through the power of collaboration, engagement and volunteering. T3 is the result of many conversations with mentors who have helped him shape the vision of an organization that can make a positive impact in teens’ lives.

We Seek Solutions

Teens are subject to many forces that can derail them from achieving success. School workload, family challenges and peer pressure are just some of the rough waters every teen must navigate to reach adulthood.

We Want to Thrive

The goal of Teens Thriving Together is to welcome any teen who believes to have the power to affect change and show each the way to becoming a fulfilled adult through exposure to T3 programs and initiatives it offers.

We Need Your Support

It is said, “it takes a village to raise a child,” and Teens Thriving Together seeks the support of those who can contribute by mentoring, providing resources and supporting the organization with a tax-deductible donation.

Our Moral Compass


Teens Thriving Together recognizes we can come together as one, celebrating our unique traits in the amazing diversity of our community. 


At Teens Thriving Together, we believe not one teen is better than another. We all share a common bond based on our age group, allowing us to tackle challenges and follow opportunities without differences.


The vision of Teens Thriving Together also considers all ideas, contributions and perspectives as valid in helping unify behind the values we share. For that matter, coexistence is the path to our own success when we reach adulthood.

Teens Thriving Together

Funding Goals

All funding for Teens Thriving Together is managed by a Board of Directors, advised by adults who ensure the proper management and distribution of donations. Transparency, accountability and personal responsibility are a requirement of all involved in managing these tax-deductible contributions. 

To learn more about T3’s management, email us!

What Drives Us

Mental health is not only something a few people silently endure. Many teens have gone through traumatic life-changing events–from divorce and the loss of a loved one to dealing with bullying and the stresses of our complex world. The fact is teens are acutely aware of every situation they come across and dealing with these situations can build emotions like anger, anxiety, sadness, and many more stressful feelings. 

Teens Thriving Together has developed a number of programs to address teen problems domestically and nationally, including: 

  • Teens Too Initiative: teens too. is centered around the individual, community healing, and empowerment through free therapy. Furthermore, we aim to shift cultural narratives and practices by advancing a global survivor-led movement to end sexual violence within adolescences.
  • Artisan Initiative: (coming soon) a program that gives a platform for teens to sell their art in the form of NFT’s. We believe art can help shift paradigms into a greater understanding for others. 



Your donations help us manage the initiatives, operate the organization and communicate our message through marketing and public relations. 


Volunteering is the ultimate act of kindness today. We welcome volunteers who are teens but also professionals who want to mentor our board.


Start a conversation with us and engage the team to explore other ways in which you can help our organization become a part of your community.

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