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Teens Thriving Together offers multiple ways to volunteer in our organization, from producing content to communicating with others about the benefits, features and advantages of our programs.

How to Get Started

Volunteering at T3

At T3 we try to value your characteristics and what you bring to the table. Most of the volunteer work is done online so you will be able to get your volunteer hours done in the comfort of your own home. Please check bellow the steps which shows you how to become a volunteer and the additional benefits you get.

How it works

Join our volunteer network in few steps


Start The Application Process

The first thing you want to do is create your own personal profile on the website by signing up. Doing so validates your commitment to T3 and authenticates you’re a real person a not a bot.


Tell Us About You

In this process we would love to hear everything you feel comfortable mentioning such as: who you are, your journey in life, and any other unique things about you.


Remember Your Responsibility

Please uphold what we are trying to build at T3 which is a safe space for all, so if you are chosen to represent T3  make sure your actions  in the future reflect our community guidelines.  


Review Your Application

Allow us 3-5 business days to review your application as we are in school and are busy. We will reach out by email to inform you of our decision. Thank you!

Discover the Rewards of our

Volunteer Benefits

T3 allows you a direct path to earning 100 volunteer hours from the comfort of your home while matching opportunities to your strengths and skills.

  • Immerse in a safe environment
  • Extracurricular credit for college application
  • Earn recorded volunteer hours
  • Free access to local events
  • Join testing groups with special access
  • Access to membership program

Interest to get involved?

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