Julien Lundgren

Creative Director


Within the last three years like so many others I have dealt with mental, physical, and emotional hardships. Whether it is feeling depressed, unmotivated, or hurt I was and still am weighed down by these struggles. The thing is I am blessed by myself, the lord, and the people around me in adopting a new mentality that appreciates and learns from these speedbumps in life. I recognize that I have come so far yet at the same time I know deep down there is still much to improve on. That is why I am collaborating with Nick in efforts to lead you to be not the best version of yourself but the most honest and true individual you can be. Faults and all. I have no problem saying that by working with all the teens across the country you all are helping Nick and I more then we are helping you. I truly have a passion for this movement and I am so excited to begin this journey to thrive all together and work hand in hand in helping everyone we can.Peace,Julien


St. Paul's School


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Email : t3lundgren@outlook.com