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Honestly, I have never been given the option of what I want to be when I was older. Being a seventeen-year-old, I constantly get asked what I want to be when I am older and I just spit out one answer—doctor. I live in a stereotypical brown household where all I am told to be when I am older is a doctor. I felt trapped. My sophomore and part of junior year was me living under a shadow trying to live for my parents. All throughout high school, I have chosen challenging classes and several science classes so I could be on the correct pathway to becoming a medical student. But was I doing this for me, or for my parents?

Deep down, I knew that I loved art, I loved the outdoors, I loved working with kids, I loved tutoring, and I loved community service. These characteristics about me were becoming more and more evident, showing me that maybe…becoming a doctor is not the right pathway. I spent several nights expressing my feelings towards the path I was taking to my mom, trying to convince her that I do not need to be a millionaire and become filthy rich to be happy in life. She finally understood she was pressuring me too much all throughout my life and backed off on persistently telling me to only become a doctor. Now, when relatives and family friends ask me what I want to be, I proudly announce that I have no idea. I can tell that it does not satisfy my mom, but I tell her that if she wants to have a doctor in her life so badly, then she should have become one. She has accepted that I am choosing my own life choices, and she supports me through my journey of exploring art. Now she just tells me that I must do well in school and be immaculate in whatever career I choose. I know I am not the only person living under their parents’ pressure, and I want to encourage everyone to find what they love. I still do not know what I would like to go into, but I am perfectly fine with that because I know I’ll be choosing something that will make me happy.


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