R.J. Ritchie



My life is great. I have two loving parents, a sister who I get along with unconditionally, I have the blessing of attending an elite prep school where I have made friends from all walks of life who I would do anything for, and they would do the same for me you can often see me playing sports on teams that I love playing for, or just walking around school with a smile on my face.

That’s how my life looks on the surface. In reality, I have been struggling with depression for two years stemming from a hellish middle school experience full of relentless bullying, my parents’ divorce, and never feeling like I belong wherever I am. My depression takes many different forms, ranging anywhere from spending days on end tired, bouts of extreme sadness, a severe lack of motivation to do anything, complete disinterest in the things I normally love, or even full-blown panic attacks. My depression can take me over sometimes, but I have been working with a therapist in order to regain control of my life so I can go back to living my life again. I have been working on spending time with myself weather that means going fishing for two hours or just listening to music for ten minutes. With things like this, knowing my limit, and listening to my friends if they think I will have fun doing something I am taking my life back, and hopefully Teens Thriving Together can help you with your own journey and taking steps back to living happily.


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