Caroline's Journey

Being an influencer at my age can definitely be a challenge and comes with its ups and downs. After starting on social media I have about approximately 300 thousand followers, many of them being close friends I have met as well as companies and supporters. Having the platform that I do has definitely taught me how to take hate from others and how to cope with negative comments. I have always struggled with appearances and having others confirm my insecurities was brutal at first but after I learned that at the end of the day I am the one in my body I have been able to gain control back. 

I have started a health journey where I not only work on my body but how I see my body. As an athlete physical shape is important, but it has also come in handy at building my mental strength and teaching myself healthy habits. Being active is my biggest coping mechanism and has helped me tremendously even if it’s just a run in the morning. To me hate is what you make of it, you can let it get in your head or you can use it as fuel to push forward.